In order to clarify the differences between autocratic leadership and coaching leadership, we present the characteristics of both styles below:

Characteristics of task-oriented leadership:
▪ The manager keeps a close watch over the work.
▪ The manager formulates and monitors objectives.
▪ Departmental goals are translated to individual goals.
▪ Objectives adhere to the SMART* goals as closely as possible.
▪ The manager has a business-like style, and is primarily focused on achieving goals and meeting deadlines. (And therefore pays less attention to feelings and emotions.)

* SMART: acronym for Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic, Time-bound

Characteristics of relationship-oriented leadership:
▪ Decisions are made on the basis of participation.
▪ Employees are involved as much as possible.
▪ There is room for participation and contributions.
▪ Attention is placed on creating a pleasant work environment.
▪ The manager has a sociable attitude.


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