In the video below, behavioural scientist Ben Tiggelaar gives a two-minute explanation of the four styles in the Situational Leadership Model:

A summary of the described phases (M = Maturity Level 1- 4) and corresponding styles (S = Style 1- 4):

▪ Employee is willing, but not yet able. The ‘enthusiastic beginner’ phase.
▪ Unconsciously unable.

Guidance: more task-oriented, less relationship-oriented (S1)

▪ Employee is not yet able, and is unwilling/(still) hesitant. The ‘disillusioned learner’ phase.
▪ Consciously unable.

Guidance: more task-oriented, more relationship-oriented (S2)

▪ Employee is now able, but is unwilling/still hesitant. The ‘cautious performer’ phase
▪ Consciously able

Guidance: less task-oriented, more relationship-oriented (S3)

▪ Employee is willing and able. The ‘self-reliant achiever’ phase.
▪ Unconsciously able

Guidance: less task-oriented, less relationship-oriented (S4)


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