To clarify the differences between autocratic leadership and coaching leadership, we present the characteristics of both styles below:

Characteristics of autocratic leadership:

▪ An autocratic leader is an absolute ruler.
▪ The focus is on tasks and results.
▪ The autocratic leader takes the important decisions and delegates the tasks.
▪ This style of leadership puts the organisation’s well-being and functioning first.

Characteristics of coaching leadership:

▪ A coaching leader invests in a good relationship with employees so that their needs are clear.
▪ The focus is on the development of employees’ competence.
▪ Involvement and self-direction are encouraged.
▪ This style of leadership puts employees’ well-being and functioning first.

A coaching leader is not a coach, but does apply coaching skills.
The goal of coaching leadership is to guide employees or teams to achieve task maturity.


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